Brexiter Schooled By Maajid Nawaz After Advocating An Irish Sea Border

22 August 2019, 13:45

When this Brexiter tells LBC there should be a hard border in the Irish sea, Maajid Nawaz schools him on exactly what that would mean.

After Angela Merkel told Boris Johnson that the UK should come up with solutions for the Irish border within a month, Maajid took calls from LBC listeners.

Maajid said currently at the UK border there are two queues, one for EU citizens and one for everybody else.

Kevin called in to say he would like to implement a solution like exists on the Canadian-American border. Kevin said "you're assuming" that people walking from "Southern Ireland to Northern Ireland, that's where they're gonna stay. It's quite obviously not."

The caller said they would come to the mainland, "where there are checks."

"Where are the checks," Maajid asked.

Kevin said there were "checks at the port if you're going by boat."

Maajid grew increasingly frustrated with this caller
Maajid grew increasingly frustrated with this caller. Picture: LBC

Correcting the caller, Maajid said it was "absolutely not true" he then challenged the caller to Google a ferry company and check to see the "technical barriers" to getting on a ferry between Liverpool and Belfast.

"You will find that the ferry's website tells you that you do not need to bring your passport," Maajid schooled the caller.

Kevin shot back and said "well, if that's the case then just implement passport control."

"What," Maajid exclaimed, "a border between the Irish sea?"

The caller said it would not be in the sea, but it would be a "border when you arrive in mainland UK."

Maajid said that advocating for checks between Belfast and Liverpool, he was "tearing off a chunk of the United Kingdom."

He pointed out that Irish Republicans would "love" this, because it effectively advocates for the "reunification of Ireland."

Watch the whole call in the video at the top of the page to see the caller's reaction.