Confused caller from Dundee gets schooled by Maajid over islamists

23 February 2020, 15:15 | Updated: 23 February 2020, 15:20

The conversation didn't start too well, with Fraser from Dundee pushing Maajid to threaten to sue him.

Maajid was taking calls on anti-semitism when Fraser called and shook the afternoon up completely. He began by wondering that if islamists are anti-semitic, why they don't attack Isreal.

Then came the challenge from Maajid, asking whether or not Hamas are an islamist group, which Fraser dismissed as an assembly of Palestinians.

He then went further and asked if Hezbollah were classified as an Islamist group by Fraser, which he conceded to say "well they're Islamist, yeah".

Although Maajid educated Fraser on the dynamic of islamist groups and contradicted the opinion of Fraser twice, he assured Fraser that "the definition of being anti-semitic isn't only defined by attacking Isreal".

Fraser backtracked, claiming that his call was to question ISIS and whether they're attacking Isreal or not, which infuriated Maajid.

Hamas, an islamist anti-semitic group
Hamas, an islamist anti-semitic group. Picture: PA

"Stop talking to me as if you know about the middle east and humble yourself and listen to me a second"

Maajid broke down the conversation so far, explaining to Fraser that he "named you two Jihadi groups that are anti-semitic" and failed to see where the conversation could go from there.

The final straw was when Fraser claimed "Isreal has helped them [ISIS]", which Maajid dismissed as conspiracy and ended the call quickly while Fraser backtracked and stumbled further.