Maajid Nawaz destroys Chinese government for "genocide" against Uighur Muslims

4 July 2020, 15:10

By Seán Hickey

Maajid called on listeners to put aside political motivations and to criticise China's abuses in Hong Kong and against Uighur Muslims.

As China moves further imposed security laws restricting the democratic freedoms of the people of Hong Kong, Maajid Nawaz took the opportunity to address what he saw as the genocide of Uighur Muslims by the Chinese Communist Party.

"Hong Kong is being annexed and you will not see Stop The War or the hard left out there calling out President Xi for what he is, a tyrant." Maajid said, calling on people to put aside political motivations and to condemn what is going on in China.

He began by pleading with listeners not to make the atrocities seen in China as something to take political sides on. "Trump and his Muslim ban does not come anywhere near what China is doing to Muslims" he began, warning listeners that "if you suggest to me that Trump is worse than this, I will question your humanity."

"If you care about minorities the way you say you claim to then all eyes right now should be on China" he said, referring to what is going on in Hong Kong and apparent concentration camps for Uighur Muslims in the west of the country.

"Hold any leader accountable for their behaviour regardless of their politics" Maajid said, "but genocide is on a different scale of evil."

China has been tightening its grip on Hong Kong in the past weeks
China has been tightening its grip on Hong Kong in the past weeks. Picture: PA

Maajid stated that "the emperor in China with his social credit system whereby he monitors on an industrial scale the behaviour of his citizens and punishes those who do not comply, is creating the Borg" suggesting that "the darkness is spreading around the world and you must recognise that."

He went on to argue on the news of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu's plans to annexe parts of the West Bank. He stated that although people will take to the streets to protest that, "not a squeak will you hear from them on the genocide unfolding in China."

Maajid told listeners that "you've got your priorities entirely skewed" if you don't acknowledge the atrocities of what is going on in China.

He pledged that he "will not let you forget the plight of the Uighur Muslims" while on the airwaves.