"Why Can't We Have A Conversation About The Middle East Without Mentioning Israel?"

11 November 2017, 16:14 | Updated: 11 November 2017, 16:20

Maajid Nawaz says Israel is like Oz, all roads lead to the Emerald City and you can't have a conversation about the Middle East without someone mentioning the Jewish state.

Maajid Nawaz was taking calls on Lebanon and Russia and the US's joint-fervour for defeating ISIS, but his callers couldn't stop mentioning Israel.

The LBC presenter argued that Iran and Saudi Arabia's proxy war is actually responsible for the majority of the Middle East's troubles. Regardless, every conversation he had came back to the Jewish state.

"Have you seen the Wizard of Oz? What do all roads lead to? It's the yellow brick road isn't it, that goes to where? It goes to Oz.

"Whenever I have this conversation on the Middle East, it's absolutely hilarious. It's like people are playing the Wizard of Oz on repeat. Every single the yellow brick road leads to Israel. What on earth is that about?

"And at the end of that film the wizard is a fraud, he doesn't even exist. Your dream of all roads leading to Israel is fake, it's not real."

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