Coronavirus: What is the herd immunity strategy? Maajid Nawaz explains

14 March 2020, 16:07

By Seán Hickey

The UK's latest coronavirus action plan is to involve a strategy known as "herd immunity". Maajid Nawaz broke down what this is.

Maajid began by simplifying the strategy. Herd immunity is in basic terms "let younger healthier people get it [coronavirus] so they don't pass it on to others".

He elaborated, stating that if a young person contracts and survives coronavirus they're not as likely "to infect others" because they won't be coughing and sneezing to spread it.

From what Maajid can see, if the young, healthy population contracts the disease "the virus will die before all of society has to get it".

Defending herd immunity, he made the point that "the lockdown strategy also comes with great risks".

Schools across Europe are slowly closing down
Schools across Europe are slowly closing down. Picture: PA

Maajid also defended what may be seen as the wrong response by the UK government, stating that the UK needs to take more than just medical advice.

"On a state level, you're not making a medical decision, you're making a management decision". He stated that the PM must be planning to "merge all these things together and then make a decision", which the decision has turned out to be the herd immunity strategy.

"That's what these experts are trying to do" Maajid concluded, putting his faith in the authorities.