Does Our Electoral Law Need Reform After Vote Leave Spending Allegations?

25 March 2018, 13:40

Maajid Nawaz thinks a reform of electoral law is key in tackling online election advertising, after allegations were made of over spending within the Vote Leave campaign.

The official Brexit campaign has been accused of "cheating" by a whistleblower, who said the campaign breached spending limits.

The allegations evolve around Vote Leave's connection to the BeLeave campaign, which it partly funded.

The Electoral Commission said "The commission has a number of investigations open in relation to campaigners at the EU referendum; it does not comment on live investigations."

But Maajid Nawaz doesn't think "the Electoral Commission could do much" in light of these allegations, should any wrong doing be uncovered.

He said: "Online messaging favours the divisive."

"It favours the sensationalist.

"It favours the click-baity.

"It favours division over unity.

"It favours extreme over moderation.

"Thats the nature of how our online world is atomising us

"As a result, unless electoral law is reformed, populism has an advantage."