Ed Miliband Is The Better Devil You Know

2 March 2019, 12:54

Maajid Nawaz says that the Labour Party would have been better off keeping Ed Miliband as its leader compared to Jeremy Corbyn.

Maajid Nawaz says that Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson is trying to create a pressure-point to bring the party back to an "Ed Miliband-esque" style of politics.

Speaking on his LBC show, Maajid said: "To be fair even Ed Miliband would do these days, compared to Jeremy Corbyn he looks sane.

"In hindsight perhaps better the devil you know, than the devil you don't.

"Perhaps we were better off not attacking Ed and his stone, and his anti-immigration mug, and all the gaffs that he was prone to - including not being able to eat a sandwich - because we ended up with Jeremy Corbyn."

The former Labour leader resigned after taking responsibility for the party's defeat in the 2015 general election, briefly featured an 8ft stone inscribed with Labour's key election promises nicknamed 'EdStone'.

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband buys a bacon sandwich before the 2014 European elections
Former Labour leader Ed Miliband buys a bacon sandwich before the 2014 European elections. Picture: PA

"If you think Ed Miliband, thats the kind of politics Tom Watson represents and perhaps wants to try and rally.

The LBC presenter added that this faction will "probably not" be a 'breakaway' faction, but instead act in a similar way to the ERG within the Conservative Party.

"Tom Watson's idea would be to create that kind of faction within the Labour Party, and shift the centre of gravity within the Labour Party back to an Ed Miliband-esque style of politics, away from hard-line Corbynisters.

"Or we could just call them communists."