'Gay And In The Army': Maajid's Perfect Examples Of Where Critics Are Going Wrong

14 January 2018, 14:54

Maajid has the perfect examples of where critics of the British Army’s new recruitment campaign are going wrong. He questioned why diversity in the army was being seen as a sign of weakness and not strength.

The British Army has launched a recruitment campaign which it has called ‘This is belonging 2018’.

The ads across radio, television and online seek to reach out to people who would not normally consider they belong in the army.

It's aim is to tell potential recruits it is okay to be emotional, gay and religious in a drive to encourage people from all backgrounds.

Army Advert
Army Advert. Picture: LBC/British Army

It has answers for questions like “can I be gay and in the army” and “can I practice my faith in the army”.

The Army needs a total of 82,000 recruits and is currently falling short by 4,500.

It makes sense to Maajid for them to recruit beyond their traditional demographic.

He said “just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re weak” and asked how “how is it weak to have Muslims in the Armed Forces?”

“This is confusing me”.