Maajid Nawaz urges public to "get economy going again" as lockdown eases

29 August 2020, 14:31

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz told listeners they don't need to panic about the pandemic anymore as our understanding of coronavirus gets better.

Maajid Nawaz made the argument that as we gain more knowledge about coronavirus, we should become more assured in how we go about our lives.

"The infection rate going up isn't necessarily a bad thing but it was at the beginning," he noted.

Maajid made the case to listeners that "the words don't mean the same thing anymore because we've gained understanding and knowledge of this thing."

"When you hear the words 'infection rate going up'," he told listeners "don't panic. It doesn't necessarily mean bad. It might do, but that's what you've got to look into before you panic."

Maajid argued that at the beginning of the pandemic a rise in cases meant a rise in deaths, and people now need to recognise that this isn't the case anymore.

"My suspicion is, like the flu, this thing will come and go like a seasonal flu and then we'll have a vaccine."

Maajid Nawaz insisted that we must now have a different relationship with Covid-19
Maajid Nawaz insisted that we must now have a different relationship with Covid-19. Picture: PA

While we don't know everything about coronavirus, Maajid made the point that "what we do know for certain is that a bad economy ruins everything."

"All the things about the virus? Understand it, read it, by all means be careful, be cautious but don't panic because those words don't mean the same thing anymore."

Through a better understanding of coronavirus, Maajid insisted that now "we've got to do our bit to get the schools back going, to get the economy going again."

He warned that if we continue to panic about the virus there will be "negative consequences for our lives and for the world."

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