Maajid's Heated Exchange With Caller Who Teaches Hell Fire To Daughter

26 August 2018, 15:33

Maajid Nawaz calls out a mother who teaches her child the existance of literal hell fire, and that only people who believe in God will go to heaven.

Gloria said that she teaches her young daughter the word of the bible, including that of hell fire.

But Maajid didn't agree with the caller's reasoning.

"Does a paedophile priest who accepts Christ into their lives eventually end up in heaven, but I, Maajid Nawaz, who's never been a paedophile but doesn't accept Christ as a son of God have no chance of going to heaven?" he asked.

"So the paedophile will be forgiven, but I don't be because I don't accept Christ in my life?"

Gloria replied: "Yes."

Maajid Nawaz
Picture: LBC

"I am lost for words," Maajid said.

"I don't know what your moral compass, who you're getting your moral compass from.

"I don't even want to be angry with you because it's terribly sad, the implications of what you've said are terribly sad and fuel some of the child abuse in the church, because there's this view that God forgives these things but somebody like me who's never done those things can't be forgiven simply because I don't believe in a myth or in a belief system."

Listen to the row in the video above.