"I Hope I Never Speak To You Again": Maajid Nawaz's Response To "Callous" Caller

20 August 2019, 11:53

Maajid Nawaz told this "callous" caller that he hopes he never speaks to him again after becoming infuriated by his lack of empathy for fellow human beings.

Maajid was was discussing the possible return of the hostile environment for immigrants, focussing on a Vietnamese woman who had a miscarriage in detention because the Home Office did not listen to a doctor's advice.

Brian from Oxford started his call by saying that as a taxpayer for 40 years, he thinks it's unfair that people from around the world can come and have the same benefits as he does.

But then he made a "shocking" remark about the Vietnamese woman and that made Maajid very angry, saying: "What kind of absurd questioning is that?"

Maajid Nawaz got very frustrated with this caller
Maajid Nawaz got very frustrated with this caller. Picture: LBC

After a long, fiery debate on the subject, Brian ended by saying: "Well she's got 50 grand now, so she can do what she likes can't she?"

Maajid responded: "This is absolutely unbelievable. Seriously, you must be at least 55 or 60. If you haven't learned compassion and to love your fellow human being in difficult circumstances, then I'm not sure what I can say to you.

"Have a nice day and I hope that I never speak to you again."

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