Indoctrination Is "Mental Abuse", Claims Evolutionary Biologist

26 August 2018, 16:33

Evolutionary biology Richard Dawkins says that children are being mentally abused by parents that indoctrinate them.

Richard Dawkins has written two books that aim to 'debunk God', after disagreeing with the idea of parents indoctrinating their children.

"It's not physical abuse it's mental abuse, and it's very serious," he said.

Asked when his books would be published, he told Maajid that only one of them has a release date.

"There's a teenage book which is going to be called 'Outgrowing God', and that's not the book we're talking about - that comes out in 2019," he said.

"But the children's book, I'm still negotiating for a publisher.

"Publishers are not eager to take on a children's book debunking God."