Is The UK Just As Bad As Russia? This Caller Thinks So

17 February 2018, 13:18

After Russia's attempt at organising peace talks was widely regarded as dead on arrival, David from Kingston rang in to say that Russia was honourable for even trying.

David said that "our country and our allies are guilty of the things" that Russia is accused off. Maajid asked what David thought the UK had done wrong, he explained that the UK and USA are "guilty of the same thing" that Russia was being accused of.

Whilst Maajid accepted that the UK had made major foreign policy faux pas in the past, the topic today was Russia but David was having none of it.

When David went back to talking about the UK, Maajid accused him of "erecting a straw man."

Maajid Nawaz
Maajid Nawaz. Picture: LBC