Jewish Caller In Tears At Being Made To Feel Less Than British

25 August 2018, 14:48 | Updated: 8 September 2018, 07:42

A Jewish caller whose family has lived in Britain for hundreds of years broke down in tears when she said she was made to feel less than British.

Mandy told Maajid that her Jewish family has lived in Britain since the early 1800's, and that she would consider herself "absolutely British".

She said: "I am Jewish, I am British."

"And when [Jeremy Corbyn] said that 'we need to teach them a lesson', who's 'we', and who's 'them'?"

Maajid Nawaz
Maajid Nawaz. Picture: LBC

But Mandy's call prompted a powerful speech in support from Maajid.

"If there was ever a time for people that were defending him to the last minute to realise now that this has gone beyond the pale because of course the enormity of the office of Her Majesty's Opposition, and what that means to this country, it's too important to let go, and that's why his own MPs are in open rebellion against this.

"Because it can not be allowed.

"Anyone who still, at this last moment, trying to cling on and defend Corbyn, just think for a moment how sensitive you have historically been as left wingers, against any perceived micro-aggression of racism coming from the right wing.

"Can you not see your hypocrisy when it comes to racism?"

Watch his powerful response in the video above.