"Leaving The European Union Will Break Up The United Kingdom"

25 November 2018, 13:02 | Updated: 25 November 2018, 13:35

Maajid Nawaz has this damning response to Theresa May's open letter to the nation as European Union leaders endorse her Brexit deal.

As the other 27 European Union leaders have endorse Theresa May's Brexit deal, the Prime Minister wrote an open letter to the nation where she set out her intention to make the UK's exit from the EU work for both Leave and Remain supporters.

But Maajid Nawaz thought it was "disingenuous" to suggest that her deal protects Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.

"The correct word is it 'defers' the answer," he said.

"It doesn't settle the answer, it kicks it into the long grass in the hope that it goes away."

"There's a danger we end up through this transition deal of losing Gibraltar and Northern Ireland," he said.

"And therefore leaving the European Union breaks up another union, and that is the union of the United Kingdom."