Maajid: Authorities Too Scared Of Offending Muslims Allowed Terrorist Flags In Protest

18 June 2017, 16:35 | Updated: 18 June 2017, 17:01

Sympathisers of terror organisation Hezbollah were allowed to fly anti-semitic flags in London during a protest today. This is PC gone mad says Maajid Nawaz.

Thousands of people took to the streets of London today to participate in a protest organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission. 

The rally is billed as an event that “unites for the freedom of the oppressed in Palestine and beyond" and marks AlQuds Day.

There have been calls from many for Sadiq Khan to cancel the march, after it was thought protestors would raise the flag of the anti-Semitic, sectarian shia-jihadist group Hezbollah - while police protect them. 

But the London Mayor said he does not have the authority to do so. 

Maajid Nawaz thinks this is PC gone mad, and people are too scared of offending Muslims.