Maajid Blasts Caller For Quoting 'Russian Propaganda'

16 October 2016, 13:10 | Updated: 17 October 2016, 06:55

Maajid totally blasted a caller who quoted 'Russian propaganda' at him during a phone in about Syria.

Alan called in during a debate about the crisis in Syria and tried to pull Maajid on a point.

But when he tried to reference a figure from Russia state owned broadcaster RT,  this provoked a furious response from Maajid, who says that it is just an arm of Russian foreign policy.

“RT is a successor media channel owned by the Russian state. Successor to what, successor directly to the K.G.B. propaganda outfit.

“What I'm astounded by, what I am shocked by, in fact what I'm appalled at is a number of, you know, nominally liberal democratic human rights advocating British citizens succumbing to Russian propaganda and then in fact quoting it live on air and defending it as if they have  any interest in the truth whatsoever.

“RT is a Putin mouthpiece. It is owned and run and funded by the Russian state, in fact Putin personally intervened to prevent it from suffering from a budget cut, because he said 'go and break the monopoly of the Anglo-Saxon media' and yet here you are calling in on a democratic radio show, you know a show that allows everybody to have their view defending and supporting and quoting a T.V. channel owned by a despot who in prisons opposition, assassinates people on our streets and you think it's legitimate and somehow credible to quote RT at me.”

Watch him let rip.