Maajid Convinces Caller To Donate His Organs Live On Air

8 October 2017, 16:40

This is the emotional moment a man called Maajid to admit that his monologue on organ donation had convinced him to sign the donor's register.

The government’s former transplant chief has said he will opt out of donating his organs if the government goes ahead with plans to change the rules in England.

Discussing the decision, Maajid said it was utterly selfish to not be an organ donor.

"That organ, when you're buried, is going to be eaten by bacteria and ants and flies and maggots and that's it. You'd rather that than a child had an opportunity to live and smile and laugh?"

Maajid said we could all learn from James' decision
Maajid said we could all learn from James' decision. Picture: LBC

15 minutes later he spoke to James, a caller who admitted he had originally phoned in to argue with Maajid. However, James said that after hearing Maajid's opening remarks he had changed his mind during the ad break and used the time to sign up for donation.

He was met by applause in the studio. "You've just made my day" Maajid said.

James replied "Thank you, you've opened my eyes. You've turned me from a selfish individual to somebody who is going to be looking out for my fellow man."

Watch the whole moving conversation above.