Maajid Dismantles Caller's "Islamic Takeover Of Britain" Claim

One caller said he was threatened by Maajid because he was part of the Islamic takeover of Britain. Maajid’s response to this was brilliant.

Maajid Nawaz, who hosts a regular weekend show on LBC, is sitting in for James O’Brien this week. One caller thought this was evidence of a “Islamic takeover” of radio and of Britain at large.

“Do you feel threatened by me in any way?” Maajid asked.

“Absolutely yes… Because Islam is taking ground, step-by-step. They're getting MPs, they're taking over radio shows, they're building mosques, they're bringing people in, their numbers are increasing. They're doing a job on us and they want to take over this country."

The caller, Paul, said that it was up to Ukip to “stand up” to the Muslim takeover of the UK. Maajid’s response to Paul’s claim was excellent.

“What you've done there, Paul, though is a fantastic advert, an amazing advert for why myself and I hope many of our listeners will not be voting Ukip in the general elections.

“If this is representative of your members' views then I suggest to you that they are quite xenophobic and in your case, because you're suggesting by your analogy that I should compare the fact that I'm hosting you on my radio show here with how you would be treated in Pakistan, I'd say slightly racist too, only because I'm British.

“It's got nothing to do with me how people treat anyone else in Pakistan. Apart from I would sit here in Britain, being born and raised in Essex as I am, Southend on Sea, and criticise Pakistan. For the discrimination that is enshrined in that country's law, as I regularly do, and yes justified by Islam."