Maajid Explains Why He Doesn't Call PM 'Boris'

28 July 2019, 14:25

Maajid Nawaz has explained to his listeners why he chooses to call the Prime Minister by his second name instead of 'Boris'.

The LBC presenter was criticised on Twitter for going above and beyond to ensure he doesn't call the Prime Minister 'Boris' instead of Mr Johnson.

Many people call the Prime Minister 'Boris', but critics argue that doing this feeds into a particular image of Mr Johnson that aggravates his opponents.

Maajid told listeners: "I don't know Boris Johnson, so I'm not going to call him Boris.

"He happens to be the Prime Minister of this country and I corrected myself a couple of weeks ago on this note and have stuck with it ever since.

"His name is either, just like Theresa May's name was either Theresa May or Mrs May, his name is either Boris Johnson or Mr Johnson."