Maajid furious at decision to close parks "it's punishing the many for sins of few"

5 April 2020, 14:43

By Seán Hickey

After calls that there will be a nationwide crackdown on using public places if people don't obey rules, Maajid Nawaz was furious and asked what else people could do.

Maajid was looking into the parks in London that have been closed by councils across the city and also noted royal parks that have closed their gates to the public.

Questioning why councils have decided that the public cannot be trusted to use the amenities responsibility, Maajid challenged the powers that be and ask "where'd you think those people are gonna go?"

As he listed out the parks that have shut down because of coronavirus Maajid stopped after reading the measures that Greenwich have put forward in their park. They have put forward regulations that the park will closely monitored to ensure social distancing regulations are being practiced.

"There's the difference" Maajid said.

"You don't have to shut entire parks" to make sure rules are being enforced according to Maajid. He insisted that the measures of regulation and enforcement in the Greenwich park is the way all parks should be working.

Maajid called for authorities to monitor parks rather than closing them
Maajid called for authorities to monitor parks rather than closing them. Picture: PA

Maajid recommended that enforcing the rules against violators rather than painting everyone with the same brush.

He asked what the authorities think will happen when they close large parks. "They will all congregate in the remaining few parks that are open causing even more congestion" thus making the problem worse than it initially was.

"Do not punish the majority for the sins of the minority" Maajid pleaded with council authorities and the government.

Maajid believed strongly that "it is counter productive and will backfire" if large parks are closed to stop people breaking social distancing rules.