Maajid Hammers Left-Wing Student Activists

17 December 2016, 14:24 | Updated: 17 December 2016, 14:53

Maajid angry

'Where do you draw the line?' Maajid Nawaz doesn't hold back as he lets rip at left-wing student activists in this fiery rant.

Talking on his LBC show Maajid took aim at the left-wing student activists who by attempting to fight prejudice end up trying to erase history.

"Left-wing student campaigns have lost bearings. The NUS refused to comdemned ISIS in a motion."

“They voted against condemning ISIS due to fear of being Islamophobic. That's bonkers!”

“I’ll tell you what is Islamophobic, speaking as a Muslim, is not to condemn ISIS. That's  Islamophobic. The first victims of groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have been Muslims in those areas that they've come to power in.”

“The women, the minority sects, the gay Muslims, liberal Muslims, secular Muslims. they slaughter them. Its anti-Muslim bigotry not to condemned ISIS but the NUS failed.”