Maajid Nawaz Challenges Caller Over Objections To Gay Marriage

4 February 2018, 15:26

A caller suggested gay people should find a different term for marriage. It didn’t go down well with Maajid Nawaz

The caller said it was “fine” that homosexuality today was legal but had an issue with ‘gay marriage’.

He claimed gay people were “trespassing” on a rather “sensitive and religious level”.

Maajid challenged him saying “it’s a great thing there’s marriage equality isn’t it?”

He said: “You called in to a presenter that’s famously known for challenging views that he finds objectionable which is precisely what I’m doing”.

“I suggest to you that if you don’t like that you don’t call into this particular show”.

You can listen to Maajid challenge the caller in the video at the top of this page.