Maajid Nawaz dismantles caller's argument: "We're importing problems we didn't used to have"

1 March 2020, 14:32

In the wake of Turkey opening up its border with Greece to allow refugees into Europe, Maajid was asking what people felt the consequences of the new wave of immigration will have.

Daniel from Epsom came onto the show and immediately let his opinions be known. Daniel was of the view that Islamic immigration is the main reason why the UK is suffering most of its societal problems today and it cannot afford to let in more Muslim refugees.

Daniel recalled a time when he and his parents had never heard of things such as FGM and now all society knows what that means. Daniel blames such phenomena on Muslim immigration in the UK.

"We import a lot of problems we didn't used to have" Daniel claimed. Maajid interjected and asked Daniel to understand that he cannot tarnish everyone with the same brush. "Can you think of another group that bring them?"Daniel quickly replied.

Maajid pointed out that he is one of the first to be vocal about issues in the British Islamic community and that the rhetoric of Daniel was losing him.

Turkey opened its borders to Europe for refugees
Turkey opened its borders to Europe for refugees. Picture: PA

Maajid presented the argument to Daniel that much religious extremism stems from trauma and presented the war-zone many refugees come from as something that may skew a person's view of reality.

He said "the religious consequences of muslim migration are born of trauma" and that Daniel should acknowledge that the piety of some refugees may come from a place of fear and rejection.

Daniel held firm in his argument and maintained that "if we didn't have any islamic immigration, the problems wouldn't be here". Maajid told Daniel "you can't alienate voices like me in dealing with this problem" and warned him that his point was being lost in a shadow of Islamophobia, where Daniel again failed to address the point.