Maajid Nawaz explains why anti-semitism is the 'most dangerous' form of racism

17 November 2019, 16:11

LBC's Maajid Nawaz has explained why he believes anti-semitism is the "most dangerous" form of racism in a heated debate.

Caller John, from Suffolk, said he was "confused" as he thought saying anti-semitism was the "most dangerous" form of racism was an "idiotic argument".

John added he thought this was because "all racism is equal" and happens all over the world.

Explaining his reasoning, Maajid said: "The far left, the far right and Islamists, all three of them, campaign, propagate and recruit on an anti-semitic basis.

"Therefore unlike other forms of racism that I may suffer, the far-left don't campaign and propagate anti-brown or black racism, they pretend to be defenders of it while propagating anti-semitic racism.

Maajid Nawaz explains to a caller what his reasoning is
Maajid Nawaz explains to a caller what his reasoning is. Picture: LBC

"The far right don't propagate anti-white, say, racism but they do propagate anti-semitism just like the far left.

"The Islamist theocrats aren't recruiting people based on anti-black racism, though obviously anti-black racism exists in the Arab world, but they do recruit people on the basis of anti-semitic racist tropes.

"And so all three facist extremes use anti-semitism to recruit and it is why it is the most dangerous."

John was not satisfied with Maajid's answer, and asked: "Why is anti-semitism such a hot topic today?"

Watch the full exchange in the video at the top of the page.