Maajid Nawaz Outlines His Fear Of "Brexit, Scexit and Jexit" Under Corbyn

3 November 2019, 13:16 | Updated: 3 November 2019, 13:18

Maajid is fearful of a Corbyn premiership because of what it could mean for the country, the Union and British Jews.

Maajid Nawaz asked the question, if we end up with a hung Parliament, is it better to have "Brexit under Boris Johnson" or "Brexit, Scexit and a Jexit under Jeremy Corbyn".

'Scexit', he explained, would be Scottish independence and 'Jexit' would be the exit of Jews en masse from the United Kingdom.

He said: It is worse in my opinion to have a Jeremy Corbyn premiership under which we not only leave the European Union but Scotland leaves us and the Jews leave too. That, unfortunately is the prospect we are faced with coming into this General Election.

Maajid Nawaz Outlines His Fear Of "Brexit, Scexit and Jexit" Under Corbyn
Maajid Nawaz Outlines His Fear Of "Brexit, Scexit and Jexit" Under Corbyn. Picture: PA

He explained: "Now if I were Corbyn, with all the baggage that comes with being Corbyn, I would seek to cut a deal in that situation with the SNP because I've never truly really cared for the unity of the United Kingdom. Historically, I've always kind of been too close to the IRA."

Maajid spoke more about this and played a clip from yesterday of Nicola Sturgeon.

He spoke about how Corbyn and the SNP being similar because "they both come form socialist nationalist backgrounds" and "both appeal to populist sentiment for worker rights versus what they believe is a hierarchy".

Later on in his monologue, Maajid said: "I love Scotland, I love the Scottish people. It's why I want our country to remain together in the Union known as the United Kingdom.

"But if we do end up with a hung parliament, if we do end up with a deal cut to form a coalition government between Jeremy Corbyn, that national socialist, and Nicola Sturgeon, the other socialist nationalist, we will end up breaking up the United Kingdom.

Now I don't want Brexit but I certainly don't want Brexit and Scexit plus Jexit - and that's the choice facing us."