Maajid Nawaz Left Jubilant After Remarkable Call From Ex-Britain First Member

27 September 2017, 13:26

James used to be a member of Britain First - a far-right organisation. But during this extraordinary call to LBC, he was able to see eye-to-eye with Maajid Nawaz, a British Pakistani Muslim.

The caller got in touch because he was not happy with the way Brexit negotiations were being handled.

He feared the talks would ultimately lead to Britain remaining within the European Union - something he wholly rejects.

So Maajid put a hypothetical proposal to the ex-Britain First member.

The LBC presenter said: “If I set up a political campaign to campaign against Theresa May’s Brexit deal, would you follow me?

“Would you follow this British Pakistani Muslim in that political campaign?”

James responded: “If I agree with what’s being said I don’t care if it’s a Muslim saying it, Christian, Atheist, whoever, as long as what they’re saying something I agree with - yes I would.”

The remarks left Maajid jubilant as he said: “How beautiful is that?”

Maajid continued: “We should be at odds and shouting at each other now but the fact we are able to have a conversation and the fact you are able to say ‘If I agree with you Maajid, I’ll follow you in a political campaign’ - that’s the beauty of conversation James.”

Watch the remarkable conversation above.