Maajid Nawaz calls out Labour politicians for 'flirting with terrorists'

1 December 2019, 17:01

Maajid Nawaz argued that Jeremy Corbyn has been "developing friendships with terrorist organisations" and "misdiagnosing" Jihadist groups as "legitimate community voices".

After discussing the Conservative government's ineffectiveness in addressing terrorism yesterday, Maajid Nawaz today shifted the focus onto the Labour Party.

He said: "What we've witnessed unfold in the press, frankly, is a shameful and despicable form of party politicking with Labour now blaming the Conservatives for the fact that national security has fallen by the wayside.

"But this is, let me remind you, dear listeners, the very same party with the very same people who have been for many, many years not only developing friendships with terrorist organisations, not only affiliating with them, signal-boosting them, hosting them in Parliament.

I'm talking of Jihadist terrorists and Islamists but also of misdiagnosing them as legitimate community voices."

Maajid Nawaz calls out Labour politicians for 'flirting with terrorists'
Maajid Nawaz calls out Labour politicians for 'flirting with terrorists'. Picture: PA

He continued: "And so Mr. Corbyn, in a speech only a week roughly before this attack, was revealed to have endorsed the Muslim Association of Britain, which is a Muslim Brotherhood Islamist front in the United Kingdom that is guilty of touring none other than the al-Qaeda operative who since deceased in Yemen, Anwar al Awlaki.

"Took him on a tour of mosques in this country, convincing people of the necessity to establish a so-called Islamic State.

That Muslim Association of Britain, that stands guilty as charged, was endorsed by Jeremy Corbyn as being a community organisation that he would host at Downing Street."

Maajid continued: "So if we live in glass houses, we mustn't throw stones.

All of us must rather rise above party politics and recognise that the Conservative's failure has been to implement some of the recommendations that experts to them have been making and the Labour shadow cabinet's failure has been to flirt with terrorists to a level that endangers our national security."