Maajid Nawaz On Why Britain May Never Leave The European Union

23 August 2017, 11:55 | Updated: 23 August 2017, 12:50

In this clip, Maajid Nawaz looks to the government’s recent handling of Brexit to show why he thinks Britain may never actually leave the European Union.

The LBC presenter was speaking as Theresa May was accused of a “climbdown” on her promise for the UK to take back control of its laws post-Brexit.

Maajid Nawaz on why Britian may never leave the European Union.
Picture: LBC/PA

- May: Supreme Court will be ultimate arbiter of UK law after Brexit

A Government blueprint on how the UK will treat rulings by European Court of Justice will say its "direct jurisdiction" will end when Britain leaves the EU.

Critics claim the latest announcement falls short of the Prime minister's pledge in January, however Mrs May rebuked the argument - insisting the Supreme Court will be the ultimate arbiter of law in the UK after Brexit.

However, Maajid says today’s news is just further proof that Brexit may never actually happen.

Speaking on his LBC show he listed other recent examples of “compromise after compromise” by the government - which would ultimately lead to a Brexit not even Leave voters would be interested in.

He said: “When fudge after fudge is being revealed as the substance of negotiations Theresa May is involved in, I suspect that the deal by the end at all of this is a deal that nobody is happy with.

“Brexiteers nor Remainers and we just end up in a default position where we just don’t leave.”

Watch his take above.