Maajid Nawaz: The Far-Right And Far-Left Want To Weaponise Our Social Values

18 August 2018, 12:34

Maajid Nawaz says far-right and far-left extremist groups are trying to undermine our social fabric by weaponising free speech.

The LBC presenter took aim at both far-right and far-left extremists who "abuse and weaponise our values".

"The way in which our values, that we hold so dear, our democratic values, are often weaponised and used against us by those who may not necessarily share those values - but certainly want to use them in order to undermine the social fabric that holds our societies together," he said.

"Whether that be far-right extremist groups, whether that be far-left extremist groups, they all seek to undermine our social fabric."

Maajid Nawaz
Maajid Nawaz. Picture: LBC

"Speakers corner, which has come to symbolise free speech in our country, is itself being abused by extremists who are using it more and more as a location from where they are galvanising their followers, preaching their doctrines, and broadcasting them through online videos.

"People who are extremists abuse and weaponise our values; free speech, the democratic process, and they seek to alter our course by abusing those values."