Maajid Nawaz Gave One Caller A Powerful Reason Not To Call Trump A Fascist

3 June 2019, 14:52

This American caller insists that US President Donald Trump is a "fascist," Maajid Nawaz gave him a powerful reason why the use of such terms is wrong.

One caller wanted to have his say on Donald Trump and his state visit to the UK, he even accused the US President of being a "fascist" and using "fascist tropes."

Paul, who revealed he is originally from the US but now lives in the UK, said that the controversial US President "supports white supremacists."

When Maajid Nawaz asked the caller "what element of fascism has taken root in America at the moment?" The caller responded by saying that Mr Trump was flirting with fascism.

Maajid gave one caller a powerful reason not to overuse terms like fascist.
Maajid gave one caller a powerful reason not to overuse terms like fascist. Picture: LBC/PA

"Trump is a fascist in my book," the caller said. Claiming the President cannot "carry out all of his fascistic tendencies because he is held back by the US government system," although he could not provide any evidence for that.

After a back and forth discussion over the meaning of Donald Trump's tweets and actions Maajid gave the caller a powerful reason why he should be careful what terms he used.

Maajid said: "To over use phrases like nazi, fascist, racist, is because, at the end of the day, what it does is undermine the seriousness of those political tendencies when they occur.

"And if the boy cries wolf, as I suspect you are doing right now Paul, it becomes very difficult for when the actual fascist or nazi emerges for people to believe them.

"And, it's interesting Paul, because you won't have to live with the consequences of rising far right racism, others will have to live with the consequences, such as me.

"And that's why I caution against overusing those phrases."