Maajid Nawaz Infuriated By "Xenophobic" Scottish Independence Caller

13 October 2019, 18:02 | Updated: 13 October 2019, 18:13

The caller supports Scottish independence but Maajid Nawaz accused him of being "xenophobic" for "delegitimising" his voice on the issue.

Bill, from Fife, said: "If the people of Scotland want independence, then who are you, who are Westminster, who is anyone to tell them they're not allowed to have it."

Maajid responded: "What a ridiculous argument, Bill. That's a xenophobic argument. You know what, Bill. That's exactly how Brexiters speak and let me tell you why. Who am I? I'll tell you who I am. I'm British and Scotland, last time I checked, is in my country - Britain - because the United Kingdom is my country, not England.

"So, who I am is the same person who just because I'm not in Brussels doesn't mean I don't have a say about the fact that we left the EU.

"I'm British and I'm European. As a European, I want to stay in Europe. As a Brit, I want Scotland to stay part of my country whether you like it or not, Bill.

Right, so, just like I'm not telling you 'who are you to express a voice that you want to leave Westminster', don't get all xenophobic on me and tell me that Scotland isn't part of my country just because I'm sitting in England."

He then asked the caller: "Why are you being xenophobic?"

The caller said: "How dare you accuse me of xenophobia?"

Maajid accused him "delegitimising" his voice implying he was a foreigner.

Maajid Nawaz Infuriated By "Xenophobic" Scottish Independence Caller
Maajid Nawaz Infuriated By "Xenophobic" Scottish Independence Caller. Picture: PA

Bill said: "Maajid, I was a unionist for 35 years. I think you have a right to your opinion but I also have a right to mine."

Maajid accused him of 'otherising' him.

He then suggested: "If there is a referendum on Scottish independence maybe it should be put to all of the United Kingdom."

The caller asked: "If the union is fair, why do you think the majority of Scots want to leave the Union?"