Maajid Slates The Muslim Council Of Britain

22 October 2016, 14:02 | Updated: 24 October 2016, 08:44

Maajid Nawaz is really not a fan of the Muslim Council Of Britain's own counter extremism scheme. Watch as he lets rip.

Talking on his LBC show he accused the council of 'making all of us look bad' by rejecting the government's anti-extremism programme to pursue its own scheme.

“What does the Muslim Council of Britain go and do if not prove every anti-Muslim stereotype that is out there.

"You can't argue with with one side of your mouth that Muslims are part of Britain, part of our nation, part of this country and then set up a rival counter-extremism plan in isolation from the rest of the country's plan.”

“You can't argue on the one hand that Muslims are loyal Brits and yet refuse to cooperate with the existing plan of our government...and then wonder why people consider us to be Trojan horses.”

“Imagine the reverse of that, if the government started working with the BNP to stop far right terrorists.

"How would we feel, how would you feel, how would every single ethnic minority in this country feel, if people were telling them it's OK to work with racists to stop violent racists?"

“No, I'm sorry Muslim Council of Britain, that simply doesn't work. That kind of policy was tried in the early days and it failed, it's the reason we're in such a mess that we are in today.

“You claim you are the leading Muslim community representative organisation in this country. Well then take leadership, take leadership, show leadership, work with the state and the communities to bridge that divide that's emerged between our communities and the government in challenging extremism.

"Step into that void and stop making us all look bad.”