Maajid Talks To An Anorexic About Their Heartbreaking Attempts To Ignore Photoshopped Advertising

5 November 2017, 16:25

"I see images all around me, constantly, that make me very, very aware that I am very, very ugly."

Photoshopped adverts and doctored images can have a significant impact on our mental health and should be marked as "doctored", says male model Jamie Jewitt.

Maajid Nawaz talked to a caller with anorexia who spoke movingly about the impact of digitally altered pictures on her mental health: "They make me very, very aware that I am very, very ugly."

Grace recounted an experience at school where she was asked to remove her make up by a teacher. She was so physically scared of revealing her bare face Grace was reduced to tears.

Despite being "furious" about her self-consciousness, Grace feels powerless to resist succumbing to it.

She said: "Those images I'm sure will have been doctored and touched up in various ways, yet still having them processed by my mind makes me when I look in the mirror feel really, really depressed.

"I wish I didn't care. I really wish I didn't care.

"I couldn't cope with how ugly I felt, given all these images of people who are perfect."

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