Maajid Tears Into Caller Defending Separting Child Migrants

23 June 2018, 18:25

This caller tried to defend the separation of child migrants at the US border - it didn't go well.

After the furore that surrounded Donald Trump's decision to separate child migrants from their parents at the US border, few people were willing to stand up for the President.

Despite defending the approach, even Trump has now signed an executive order to stop the practice.

Chris in Bristol however thought that the leader of the free world might have been on to something. Calling in to speak to Maajid Nawaz on his weekend show, he said "It's the letter of the law that says, you know, the parents, if they have committed a criminal act, undocumented entry is a criminal act, that those children should be removed from their parents"

Maajid Nawaz
Maajid Nawaz. Picture: LBC

Maajid was having none of it.

He shot back saying "If the outcome of the policy change that happened under Trump's administration is to deliberaltey prosecute every single adult, it will lead to a spike in tearing babies away from their mother's arms, and that is unconscionable."

He went on to say "to detain a six year old child, after ripping it from its mothers arms, and to detain it separately, in a cage, away from it's parent, is, I think, child abuse"

You can watch the firey exchange at the top of the page.