Migrants Aren't To Blame For Wage Drop In UK, Bankers Are: Maajid Nawaz

3 September 2017, 12:58

Maajid Nawaz destroyed the notion that immigration caused a drop in wages for British workers, saying it was the financial crisis instead.

The LBC presenter was quoting a study by experts at the London School of Economics which looked into whether migrants are to blame for suppressing wages, as suggested by prominent Brexiteers.

And they concluded that wages were affected far more by the worldwide banking crisis than they have been by an influx of foreign workers into Britain.

Maajid Nawaz discussed the cause of the 10% drop in wages - and it's not immigrants
Maajid Nawaz discussed the cause of the 10% drop in wages - and it's not immigrants. Picture: LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, Maajid said: "These are simply economists who have done some research and come up with a conclusion and they've tried to identify exactly what caused the 10% drop in real wages for UK workers.

"And it seems to me to be a no-brainer. It was the unprecedented 2008 economic crash, the consequences of which have been discontent, people struggling and finding that money doesn't get them as far as it used to.

"And of course, it contributed to the Brexit vote.

"But it appears that the cause was indeed the economic crash.

"The bankers are more culpable of you feeling worse off than you were 10 years ago than your Romanian neighbours.

"That's simply the truth of the matter, based upon research."