Left-wing extremism 'hijacked' Labour party in Corbyn years, argues Maajid Nawaz

3 October 2020, 16:08 | Updated: 3 October 2020, 18:48

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz pointed out a 'blind spot' the UK has when it comes to left-wing extremism, arguing that Labour was operated by hard-left extremism as recently as one year ago.

The claims came after MI5 announced a clamp down on left-wing "anarchism" which has been found to be plannng terrorism in the UK.

Maajid Nawaz welcomed the news, noting that as far back as the Second World War the West has had "unfinished business with the ideology of communism."

This, he claims, "has led us to be softer, perhaps have a blind spot when it comes to extremism from the hard-left."

"If the right-wing equivalent of Momentum and the hard-left had hijacked the Conservative party, just imagine how petrified you'd be.

"The left-wing equivalent of that kind of BNP-style phenomenon did hijack the Labour party," Maajid argued.

Maajid Nawaz made the case that far-left extremism hijacked Labour in recent memory
Maajid Nawaz made the case that far-left extremism hijacked Labour in recent memory. Picture: PA

He claimed that the organisation that took over Labour "was worse than the BNP" and insisted the reason for that was down to sympathies being extended to the Lebanese terrorist organisation, Hezbollah.

"Mr Corbyn and the hard-left extremism that took that party over were calling them friends," he reminded listeners.

Maajid argued the BNP doesn't "go out and publicly defend hard-right paramilitary terrorist organisations," concluding that Hezbollah are far worse than the BNP.

"Imagine how scared you'd be if the BNP took over the Conservative party," Maajid reiterated, arguing the point that there is a blind spot in the UK for the far-left.