"Never have I heard such waffle": Maajid Nawaz on Boris Johnson's manifesto launch

25 November 2019, 11:13

Maajid Nawaz had some serious questions for Boris Johnson following his manifesto launch yesterday.

The Conservatives announced they would hire 50,000 more nurses and "get Brexit done", while not raising tax.

Maajid said there was a lot to like in the Prime Minister's speech, especially referring to his comments on Brexit and keeping the union together, as well as some of his top jokes.

But there were three things that rankled with Maajid, which he laid out on his LBC show.

He was not happy with the idea that he won't raise tax, while promising to increase spending, asking how on earth he was going to do that. And he noticed Mr Johnson didn't mention inequality, which is something that concerned him.

But it was his rambling response to a question about the Conservatives' controversial Twitter policy which frustrated him the most.

Maajid Nawaz had some strong words for Boris Johnson
Maajid Nawaz had some strong words for Boris Johnson. Picture: LBC

He said: "Never have I heard such waffle in my life.

"Instead of addressing the question, he went off on Egyptian mythology, Greek mythology... everything but the Twitter feed.

"He didn't touch the question and you could hear him literally stuttering and stumbling as he was asked it.

"And it touches on the big headline of trust. People have stopped trusting politicians because they believe they no longer tell the truth. So it's important for politicians to stop lying."

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