Patel's asylum 'overhaul' won't stop migrants coming to the UK, insists caller

4 October 2020, 16:03

By Seán Hickey

This caller insisted the Home Secretary's pledged 'overhaul' of the UK's asylum system will not stop migrants coming in their droves to Britain.

Maajid Nawaz asked caller Chris what the UK's asylum policy should look like. He told Maajid that there's nothing we can to to effectively reduce numbers or even make the process safer.

"You will never stop a person trying to better himself," Chris insisted.

"Trump can build as many walls as he likes, they'll tunnel underneath the walls - we're not going to stop it."

Chris offered a piece of advice to the Government, that if the UK doesn't want to deal with migrants, "don't support these dictators who make their lives a misery in their own country."

Maajid pressed the caller, asking "what should our migration policy look like."

Chris harped back to David Cameron's migration policy for Syrian refugees, noting "he cherry picked who he wanted." He insisted this was the wrong approach.

"Merkel didn't do that" Maajid observed. The caller agreed, telling him that in Germany "they're doing very well, because they invested in it."

The root of the problem for Chris was in intervening in the affairs of other nations.

"If you destroy them and leave the people with nothing, they're going to come to you for it."

"We've got to fix this in a way that doesn't stigmatise existing ethnic minorities" Maajid concluded.