Maajid Deals With A Syria Conspiracy Theorist In The Best Way

10 April 2017, 11:59 | Updated: 10 April 2017, 12:38

Mark in Hammersmith thinks he knows better than the international community about who dropped chemical weapons in Syria. Maajid Nawaz handles it perfectly...

"One of the things that I've heard is that sarin is quite difficult to make and to disperse," claimed Mark, a point that Maajid had to pull him up on.

"You've heard? You've heard?

"Mark, do you realise you've just called on national radio, you've dismissed the position of the international community. Not just America, Britain, Germany...the Saudis, the Egyptians...everyone is saying that the Americans have radar data and tracked the jets that dropped these chemical weapons.

"And you're saying that you heard that gas can be x, y and z?

"So you're prepared to dismiss the reasoned decision of governments in the plural - because of something you heard?"

Mark was emphatic: "Yes!

"We still don't have the proof...where is the video evidence?"

Maajid: "What do you mean video evidence? How do you video evidence a jet that takes off from Damascus, flies through the air and drops a chemical bomb?

"Is somebody going to, like Superman fly alongside the jet and record the whole thing?"