Maajid Nawaz's Thank You To Well-Wishers After Being Racially Attacked

2 March 2019, 17:45 | Updated: 2 March 2019, 17:50

Maajid Nawaz makes a heartfelt thank you to well-wishers who have wished him a speedy recovery after he was attacked by a racist in central London.

The LBC presenter needed hospital treatment after being assaulted by a man, who called him a "f****** paki" outside the Soho Theatre on Dean Street.

Speaking on his show, Maajid said: "Many of you have been writing, e-mailing and through various forms of communication through LBC and to me directly, expressing your get well wishes.

"Thank you all very much.

"I am now back and back in action."

"I've got so many cards and letters that have been sent here to LBC, so a heartfelt thank you to all of you."

- Maajid Nawaz Tells Of Being Racially Attacked In Central London

Maajid needed hospital treatment after the racist attack
Maajid needed hospital treatment after the racist attack. Picture: Maajid Nawaz

Maajid continued: "It was the love that was instantly shown to me at the moment of that racially aggravated assault that kept me sane and reminded me that we must never allow the extremists of any side to divide us - whether that be those on the far-left those on the far-right or the Islamist theocrats.

"And that's going to be my message, and it has been my message consistently both before, throughout, and going forward as well."

He also said that he hoped a mugshot of the assailant would be made public by the police soon, after his image was caught on nearby CCTV.