'The Sorry Saga Of Kavanaugh Hearings Will Backfire Against People With Noble Causes'

6 October 2018, 13:20 | Updated: 6 October 2018, 18:25

Maajid Nawaz gave an impassioned monologue warning of the 'sorry saga' public reaction to the Kavanaugh hearings.

"I'm not dismissing the cause, I'm not dismissing Dr Fords' testimony," Maajid starts.

"I am talking about the public reaction. I'm talking about our attitude as we grab our popcorn and pursue this spectacle as if we're watching theatre."

Brett Kavanaugh is expected to be confirmed to the US supreme court, despite facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and concerns over his impartiality.

The judge was propelled closer to confirmation after a narrow Senate vote 51-49 to end the debate on the nomination, setting the stage for a final vote on his nomination this weekend.

But Maajid's concern lies squarely with the attitude of those watching and engaging with the wider debate.

"This will backfire against people with noble causes," he warns.

"If we end up in a scenario where we weaponise the very serious case of sexual assault, and we weaponise it for political purpose and political theatre, then when actual serious cases of sexual assault come to the fore that are proven, people will dismiss them as another cog in the wheel of the political machinations that have been going on.

"The very people who are active behind these noble campaigns, maybe in danger and I think they are in danger, of winning the battle to lose the war. Winning the battle to lose the war, electorally, politically.

"The climate we find ourselves in now, this Black Mirror-like climate, will backfire against people with noble causes.

"It will undermine the causes themselves, but it will also backfire on the people active in these causes politically."

Watch Maajid's full impassioned monologue in the video above.