Tory Voters Are Better Off Keeping Theresa May As Their Leader

29 September 2018, 13:13

Maajid Nawaz examines all the possibilities of a Conservative leadership contest so close to Brexit, and decides that Tory voters would be better off keeping Theresa May in place.

Maajid decided that it was "better the devil you know" when it came to the Tory leadership, as a poll of Tory voters suggests a change of Prime Minister won't result in a better Brexit.

The LBC presenter worked his way through the list of potential contenders, and suggested that none of them would want the "poison chalice" of Brexit.

"If you've got a leader of your party who has already taken all the body blows that were coming her way about Brexit, and has managed to weather those storms, would you want to expose even a new candidate to those body blows?" he said.

"Surely somebody who is still standing after the whirlwind of the last two years of attempting to negotiate the Brexit deal, perhaps you're better off keeping her until at least a deal is presented to Parliament."