Caller Tells Maajid He Is An Uppity Brown Man Who Should Know His Place

12 November 2017, 15:31 | Updated: 13 November 2017, 07:48

This caller was so angered at Maajid Nawaz's criticism of Boris Johnson, he told the LBC he had no right to an opinion at all.

Boris Johnson has failed in his duty as Foreign Secretary after making remarks that could lead to the extended incarceration of Nazanine Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran, Maajid Nawaz said.

Caller James was so angered by Maajid's criticism, he descended into racist abuse.

"What about your opinion of our Foreign Secretary?" he asked.

"Oh how dare I. How dare I speak against our Foreign Secretary," Maajid replied.

"You're right, you haven't always been a British citizen have you?"

"Oh, this brown man hasn't always been a British citizen, and that's why you're offended that I'm speaking out against your Foreign Secretary?"

"That's exactly right, because I know he speaks for Britain and I'm not so sure about you. You're being very vindictive toward our Foreign Secretary and I object to it."

"Am I being too uppity for you James? Should I know my place?"

"You should."

"Is it a bit disturbing to you that I have an opinion in the first place? What's it worth, James?"


"You know you've done wonders humiliating yourself on air, I haven't even needed to say anything."

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