Furious Maajid Nawaz: Why Sultan Of Brunei's Stoning U-Turn Changes Nothing

7 May 2019, 08:00

This is Maajid Nawaz's passionate explanation of why the Sultan of Brunei's apparent U-turn on stoning people is anything but a change of heart.

Reports suggested that the Sultan had extended a moratorium on the death penalty to incoming legislation on punishments for gay sex following a global backlash.

But Maajid looked at the statement and found that he was not changing his mind on the law.

The statement from the Sultan read: "There are many questions and misperception with regard to implementation. However, once these have been cleared, the merit of the law will be evident."

Maajid Nawaz had some strong words for the Sultan of Brunei
Maajid Nawaz had some strong words for the Sultan of Brunei. Picture: LBC / PA

An angry Maajid responded to this, saying: "So in the announcement they are going to suspend this punishment, they announce a moratorium, they stood by their guns and double-down that there are merits in this law on stoning people to death.

"Pray tell, what are the merits of stoning people to death?

"What possible benefits could you see of implementing such a punishment?

"And what misperceptions do we, the rest of the world have for objecting to the law? What is it we are failing to understand that could possibly be good in this law that you think is worthwhile?"

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