Maajid Nawaz: PM's claims about EU's Brexit intentions 'an exaggeration'

12 September 2020, 15:12

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz argued that the Prime Minister's claims about the EU's Brexit intentions are hyperbole, because if they were true it would be an act of war.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove have come under fire after claiming the EU plans to break up the UK with its proposed Brexit agreement.

Maajid Nawaz branded the situation where there would be a hard border in the Irish Sea between NI and the rest of the UK is a "highly highly unlikely scenario," contrary to the Prime Minister's claims this weekend.

Maajid told listeners that it is "difficult to understand the PM's column in anything other than exaggeration."

"How on earth would they stop our British ships going from mainland Great Britain to Northern Ireland" which was suggested by Boris Johnson in a column he had written.

"Would be an act of war," he insisted.

Maajid noted that he didn't believe the claims of the PM, and if he did "I would be very worried, because it is all the signs of a war coming."

Maajid Nawaz thought that it was unlikely the PM's claims about the EU would happen
Maajid Nawaz thought that it was unlikely the PM's claims about the EU would happen. Picture: PA

Maajid noted that the whole situation of the UK amending the Brexit bill is problematic, and will hamper the UK as it seeks to sign trade deals post-Brexit.

"If the perception globally is that we don't adhere to our will become very difficult to negotiate other deals with other countries as well," he argued.

Maajid went on to note that if the union does ultimately break up because of Brexit it would be the fault of both parties in negotiations. "The PM surely wouldn't want that on the government's conscience," he thought.