Born Again Christian Tells Maajid He Will Burn In Hell

11 November 2017, 18:43

"You will categorically go to hell, a lake of fire, where you will be tormented forever."

Supermarket Tesco has condemned "sickening" online comments about their latest Christmas advert, which featured a Muslim family.

The clip provoked a racist response. Some called it “very wrong”, others promised to boycott the supermarket.

Maajid Nawaz was discussing the backlash when he spoke to a born again Christian who insisted Maajid would be welcome to join him for Christmas lunch.

But when the invitation was requited to Maajid's Eid celebrations, his caller couldn't accept.

He explained: "That's a celebration of something that's wrong. I don't embrace another religious practice.

"I'm sorry, but that would be a sin. Unrepentant sinners categorically go to hell, please do not.

"Hell is a place where Jesus is not, it is literally hell. It is a lake of fire where you will be tormented forever. You will burn but won't be burning up.

"It was not designed for you, it was designed for Satan.

"Hell is place of torment and gnashing of teeth."

Watch the full conversation above.