Moment Corbyn Supporter Calls Maajid Nawaz A "Fanatical Right-Wing Presenter"

7 April 2019, 15:03

Maajid Nawaz turns the tables on a listener who called him a "fanatical right-wing presenter" during a debate about anti-Semitism within the Labour Party.

Maajid Nawaz was mid-way through a debate on anti-Semitism within the Labour Party when he took a call from a listener who thought he was being disingenuous about Jeremy Corbyn.

The LBC presenter had said that the party has "descended into institutional anti-Semitism" after leaked documents shows failures to take disciplinary action to accusations of anti-Semitism.

Claire told Maajid that she thought he was "right-wing" because the way he was conducting the debate.

The presenter, who has previously confessed he's never voted Conservative before, was taken back by his callers' claim.

And after trying to correct Maajid's grammar and calling him a bully, she became frustrated when he accused her of "splaining" the English language.

The moment a listener called Maajid a "fanatical right wing" presenter took him by surprise.
The moment a listener called Maajid a "fanatical right wing" presenter took him by surprise. Picture: LBC

As the back and forth continued, Maajid asked Claire why she described him as an "obviously right-wing" presenter.

But the caller struggled to explain her reasoning.

"Your tone and your attitude," she said.

"So your definition right-wing is how somebody speaks in tone?" Maajid replied.

"If I were to use the same standard that you've just used, I'd call you right-wing!"

And at that point she called Maajid "fanatical right-wing" and accused him of going at Jeremy Corbyn.

"Is it simply that I am challenging anti-Semitism?" he asked.

Watch the row unfold in the video above.