"He's dead in the water" Dominic Cummings' future is bleak, says Sir Roger Gale

24 May 2020, 15:42

By Seán Hickey

If the Prime Minister's top aide is found to have flouted lockdown rules, his days in Number 10 are limited.

Sir Roger Gale is the Conservative MP for North Thanet and he was speaking to Maajid Nawaz about the ongoing scandal surrounding Boris Johnson's chief adviser Dominic Cummings and whether he should step down.

"The Prime Minister stands by his friends and I understand that but there's a point at which loyalty should go out the window" Sir Roger said, insisting that now is the time that Dominic Cummings should be fired or should step down himself.

Sir Roger added that the fiasco has taken away from the coronavirus debate and it's a shame that the UK has to divert it's attention from the current crisis to address this debate. "Mr Cummings has become the story, the story should be Covid-19" he said.

Maajid asked for the Conservative MP's view on whether or not "lockdown has now become morally undermined" given that the PM's chief adviser has ignored the rules. Sir Roger agreed, adding that he's "spent the last fortnight trying to keep people away from the seaside towns in my constituency" and moves such as this negates all the positive work done by the government to lead by example.

The Conservative MP believes that Dominic Cummings is "dead in the water"
The Conservative MP believes that Dominic Cummings is "dead in the water". Picture: PA

Sir Roger said that he understands the initial argument Mr Cummings made "as a father and a grandfather" when he shared concern for the health of his son, but added that if it is proved that Mr Cummings didn't self-quarantine while in County Durham, the consequence will be fatal.

"If it becomes the case that Dominic Cummings' car matches the number plate at Barnard Castle" the Conservative MP stated, "he's dead in the water."

Sir Roger went on to tell Maajid that the PM is stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of making a decision, warning that if Boris Johnson doesn't fire Mr Cummings "others in the cabinet will feel very badly let down."

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