Maajid Nawaz's furious criticism of tiered lockdown proposal

22 November 2020, 14:54 | Updated: 22 November 2020, 15:47

By Seán Hickey

A tiered system of lockdowns is set to replace national lockdown in December, and Maajid Nawaz stressed that this method of dealing with the pandemic cannot continue.

Maajid Nawaz began his argument by pointing out that £2.4 billion has been lost per day during lockdown in the UK, and insisted that this money could be spent better elsewhere.

"Do you not think those £2.4 billion a day could've been spent on making sure that we properly implemented shielding on the vulnerable, properly implemented social distancing and vaccine research instead of locking the country down?"

Maajid referenced rumours suggesting that Conservative MPs will not back proposals from the Prime Minister of a tiered lockdown to replace national lockdown before concluding that "this entire thing is backfiring."

He added that deaths in the UK are "half the number" that was predicted by the Chief Science Adviser at the beginning of the pandemic.

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Boris Johnson is set to propose a new tiered system of restrictions
Boris Johnson is set to propose a new tiered system of restrictions. Picture: PA

"Why are we destroying our economy," Maajid wondered, "destroying our jobs, why are we discriminating against our ethnic minorities while pretending to care about social justice."

Arguing that Government aren't acting on data suggesting that lockdowns are not the way forward, Maajid told listeners "when you know all of this there is no excuse for a lack of joined up thinking."

Maajid went on, stating that if those in power aren't using the available data, he has "a deep suspicion as to why they don't accept it, if they're in Government."

"it is only through fear that you're encouraged to stop questioning," he concluded.